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  • Micro Spherical Focused Logging Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The microsphere focusing logging tool is mainly used to measure the resistivity of the flushed zone in the formation through pad pushing the tool against the borehole wall.

  • Natural Gamma Ray Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • GR utilizes crystal detector to detect the natural radiation gamma rays in the formation, through signal processing, the total natural gamma value is obtained, providing a gamma curve.

  • Spectral Natural Gamma Ray Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • SNGR measures the content of natural radioactive elements U, Th, K in the formation. Its application is to divide the lithological character, carrying on the stratigraphic correlation, solving oil geological problems related to the shale content.

  • Compensated Neutron Logging Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • CNLT uses fast neutrons produced by isotopic neutron sources, which decay into thermal neutrons after multiple scattering of formation materials. The thermal neutron intensity is closely related to the hydrogen content in the formation.

  • Lithology Density Logging Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • LDLT uses Cs137 gamma source to emit gamma rays, uses Compton scattering to measure formation volume density, calculates formation porosity, and uses photoelectric absorption index Pe to closely relate to atomic number of matter to divide lithology.

  • Compensated Density Logging Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • CDL uses Cs137 gamma source to emit gamma rays with energy of 0.662MeV, and Compton scattering is used to measure formation volume density.