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  • High pressure water injection pump
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The pump’s driving end adopts the traditional connecting rod while the pump’s hydraulic end adopts the integral pump head structure with horizontal straight-through group valve. It ensures the characteristics of simple structure and easy operation.

  • Polymer injection pump
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The pump is designed based on the technical requirements for EOR oil field development, which has small size, light weight, easy operation and maintenance and so on.

  • Hydraulic balance booster water injection pump
  • Brief Introduction:
  • It is mainly used in oil field for pressurized water injection and in the field for pressurizing to feed high-pressure medium.

  • Twin-screw multiphase pump
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Twin-screw multiphase pump is volume pump which can be used for carrying the untreated crude oil which contain gas and water .The ratio gas to liquid may reach 90%, especially in margin oilfield and seashore oilfield.