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  • Services for Oilfield Chemicals
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Integrated and customized chemicals engineering service can be provided as per client’s requirement.

  • Calcium Bromide
  • Brief Introduction:
  • CaBr2, calcium bromide, because of its high density is used to formulate high density, solids free completion, work over and packer fluids

  • Sodium Bromide
  • Brief Introduction:
  • NaBr, sodium bromide, is a moisture absorbent and usually appears as NaBr.2H2O in ambient condition.

  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Brief Introduction:
  • It is used as a source of calcium and alkalinity in both water- and oil-base drilling fluids.

  • Citric Acid
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Citric Acid is a weak organic acid.

  • Sodium Formate
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Sodium formate, NaCOOH, is used specially for preparation of formate drilling fluid system.