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  • 工业白油
  • Brief Introduction:
  • 大庆炼化公司可生产10#、32#和64#三个牌号的工业级白油,可广泛应用于化学、纺织、化纤、石油化工、电力,也可根据用户需求,调和相应牌号和级别的白油产品,工业白油只能用于工业用途,不得用于食品和化妆品行业。

  • 食品添加剂白油
  • Brief Introduction:
  • 目前大庆炼化公司可生产1#、2#、4#三个牌号的食品级白油。被广泛应用于纺织、化纤、石油化工、电力、食品、药品、化妆品、等高端市场。

  • Food additive white oil
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Food additive white oil is widely used in textile, chemical fiber, petrochemical, power, food, medicine, cosmetics, and other high-end markets.

  • Industrial white oil
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Industrial white oil can be widely used in chemical, textile, chemical fiber, petrochemical, electric power. It can also be used to reconcile the corresponding grades and grades of white oil products according to user needs. Industrial white oil c