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Epidemic Prevention Materials

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Remover
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Lower the concentration of hydrogen sulfide

  • Viscosity Reducer
  • Brief Introduction:
  • A good effect of viscosity reduction by emulsification

  • Organic Silicon Defoamer
  • Brief Introduction:
  • It can reduce the foaming strength and gather smaller bubbles into bigger ones effectively and finally remove the foam quickly.

  • Pour Point Depressant
  • Brief Introduction:
  • improving the pour point of crude oil to make it dissolve quickly

  • Asphaltene Dispersant
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Be able to disperse the formed asphalt aggregates or flocs.

  • Polyether Defoamer
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Be widely used for controlling the foams in the petroleum industry.