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  • Pumping Well Tester
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Pumping Well Tester is mainly used to check liquid level, dynamometer diagram of pumping well, and leakage loss of valve.it can also be used to measure electric current diagram and casing pressure if necessary.

  • Electronic Memory Pressure Gauge
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Electronic memory pressure gauge is mainly used to measure and record the downhole pressure and temperature in various oil wells, gas wells and water wells

  • Electronic Dynamometer
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Memory dynamometer is mainly applied to test the displacement vs load and displacement vs current dynamometer diagrams of pumping wells, to display and print these diagrams at the well site. Memory dynamometer has remote-measuring function.

  • Echometer
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Echometer mainly used to measure depth of dynamic liquid level and depth of static liquid level in pumping wells, and is also used to test casing pressure at well head as required.

  • High Temperature High Precision Electronic Pressure Gauge
  • Brief Introduction:
  • High Temperature High Precision Electronic Pressure Gauge is a kind of electronic memory pressure gauge that is applied to DST testing. It can test and record two parameters downhole pressure and temperature simultaneously.

  • Downhole Sampler
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Downhole Sampler is used to take liquid sample with pressure from specific formation (at specific depth) in oil wells, oil and gas wells, and water wells.