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  • Electrostatic Desalter
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Electrostatic desalter is used to lower the salt concentration in the oil.

  • Marine Loading Arm
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Marine Loading Arm is designed for transfering liquids and gases between the pipe system of jetty and tanker or barge. It can be driven manually or electro -hydraulically depending on size, type and load.

  • Aluminum porous surface high flux heat exchanger
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Aluminum porous surface heat transfer tube is made by the metal thermal sprayed technology. One layer aluminum porous coating is covered over the surface of normal plain tube by using Al matrix powder with pore-forming agent.

  • Efficient Heat exchanger with T-type finned tube
  • Brief Introduction:
  • he T-type finned high efficient tube is a high-effect intensive heat transfer tube which is rolling milled from plain tubes. There are continuous helical annular T-type tunnel outside the tube surface.

  • Swir-type efficient heat exchanger tube
  • Brief Introduction:
  • High efficiency swirl–type tubes heat exchangers is a new heat exchanger which adopt twisted ellipse-tubes as heat exchanger elements, and the tube support similar to rod baffle heat exchanger.

  • Efficient heat exchanger tube with spiral grooves
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Spiral corrugated efficient heat exchange tube is a type of tube having high heat transfer efficiency, which results from helix ribs in the tube surface made by rolling or other machining methods.