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  • Helical baffle heat exchanger
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The baffles’planes are perpendicular to the axial of Tube for traditional heat exchanger, and that shell-side medium flow between the baffles is basically perpendicular to the axis of Tube.

  • Heat exchanger with convergent-divergent tube supported by Ring-nets
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Consists of converged sections and diverged sections regularly which are made in rolling process. Compared with plain tube, the local velocity and pressure vary in the axial direction periodically to enhance the turbulent in the early stage.

  • Efficient heat exchanger with Rhombic finned tube
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The rhombic finned tube is made of common smooth tube after special processing to create the three-dimensional fins on the outer surface of tube, which do not run continuously in both the circumferential and axial directions.

  • Tower /Column
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The equipment could be used in Oil refining, petrochemical, coal chemical area. We can supply large and super-sized towers and our manufactuers also holds many leading manufacturing records both in China and Asia.

  • Air cooled heat exchanger
  • Brief Introduction:
  • An air cooled heat exchanger is the equipment which employs ambient air as the cooling medium to transversely flow over the finned tube and make the high-temperature processing fluid inside the tube cooled or condensed.

  • Hydrogenation Cracker
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Used in Oil refining, petrochemical, coal chemical industry and can be fabricated as per International code and customer’s requirement. The manufacturer that cooperates with CPTDC can supply very huge and heavy equipment and is well recognized domest