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  • Truck-mounted Drilling Rig
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Truck-mounted Drilling Rig is suitable for the drilling operation of medium depth and shallow oil well on land, desert and plateau. Power system, drawworks, mast, traveling system and driving devices of rig are mounted on a self-propelled chassis.

  • Trailer-Mounted Drilling Rig
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Trailer-Mounted Drilling Rig has good mobility, site installation more convenient characteristics. The power system, drawworks, mast, traveling block and diesel engine are all installed on a semi-trailer.

  • Desert Fast Moving Drilling Rig
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Desert Fast Moving Drilling Rig is designed for fast moving in desert or other wide open area. Each system such as power system, solid control system, mud pumps, etc. all can adopt fast moving design.

  • Low Temperature Track Drilling Rig
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Low Temperature Track Drilling Rig can operate at ambient temperature from -45ºС to +40ºС. The mast, substructure, power system and other equipment are installed on tracks. The rig can move integrally from one well to the other through tracks.

  • Skid-mounted Drilling Rig
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The main modules of the skid mounted drilling rig are skid mounted design, which can meet the requirements of self carrying vehicle transportation, facilitate the overall hoisting transportation and short-distance adjustment.