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  • Cement Additive For Spacer Fluid
  • Brief Introduction:
  • it can displace drilling fluid effectively, preventing the mixing of slurry and drilling fluid.

  • Cement Cleaning Fluid Additive
  • Brief Introduction:
  • It can penetrate quickly into the mud on the borehole wall during the drilling process, then disperse and wear away it.

  • Corrosion Resistant Admixture
  • Brief Introduction:
  • a kind of anti-corrosion material design based on the corrosion mechanism of acid gas

  • Latex
  • Brief Introduction:
  • to prevent the flocculation and flash-setting of cement slurry , high concentrations of surfactants and dispersants are added to latex in production process.

  • Cement Leak Resisting Toughening Agent
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Form even fibrous network and improve pressure bearing capacity of high permeability formation and small fractured formation to a certain extent.

  • Cement Anti-Sedimentation Agent
  • Brief Introduction:
  • effectively improve the sedimentation stability at high temperature of high suspension capability.