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  • Pneumatic Cement-discharging Tanker
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The pneumatic cement-discharging tanker is a tank car mainly used for cementing operation in oil and gas fields. After fluidizing the material with compressed air, it is transported by pipeline.

  • Cementing Truck
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Cementing truck is to pump cement slurry into the well during cementing operation of oil and gas wells. The truck usually carries the cement injection pump, water tank and cement mixing equipment.

  • Batch Mixing Unit
  • Brief Introduction:
  • All components and systems of batch mixing unit are assembled in a manner that will provide easy access for maintenance.

  • Cementing Tank-Transport Truck
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The cementing tank-transport truck realizes the fast loading, unloading and transportation of the mobile tank through the cooperative action of the hydraulic system and the loading and unloading overturning mechanism.

  • Cementing Instrument Truck
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The cementing instrument truck is suitable for cementing operation of onshore oil and gas wells. The truck can monitor the whole process of cementing operation.

  • Cementing Manifold
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The well cementation manifold is used to control the cement discharged by the well cementation pump to be delivered to the wellhead to complete the well cementation operation.