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  • progressive cavity pump
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The progressing cavity pump (PCP) is comprised of a single helical-shaped rotor that turns inside a double helical elastomer-lined stator. The stator is attached to the production tubing string and remains stationary during pumping.

  • electric submersible pump
  • Brief Introduction:
  • 4 series of pump, including 86/95, 101/114, 130/143(138), 172/188, which can be applied in 4 1/2" ~9 5/8" casings, with the pumping volume of 20m3/d~4700m3/d, the maximum head of 3500m.

  • rod pump
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Pump is a downhole device that pumps crude oil from a well to the surface, according to API 11AX and GB/T18607.According to the fixed way of the pump in the hole, the pump divided into tubing pump and insert pump.

  • tubing pump
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The tubing pump conforms API Spec 11AX specification. The tubing pump is run into the well to the set position with the tubing, and then lowering the plunger into the pump barrel along with the sucker rod.

  • Heavy oil pump
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The heavy oil pump conforms API Spec 11AX specification. It is mainly used for heavy oil production with high viscosity and high flow resistance. The sucker rod is easy to move.

  • gas control pump
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The gas control pump conforms API Spec 11AX specification. It’s suitable for high oil-gas ratio well. It can be used in well with GOR less than 420.