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  • Hydraulic Accelerator
  • Brief Introduction:
  • It is designed to increase the shock force of the hydraulic upper hammer. It needs to be used in combination with the upper jar.

  • Super Fishing Jar
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Super Fishing Jar is an advanced fishing jar tool, which is based on hydraulic principle. It is a new upward shock tool in petroleum geological exploration and drilling engineering.

  • Surface Bumper Jar
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Surface bumper jar is a tool used at the wellhead to release the stuck accident in the well.

  • Hydraulic Upward Drilling Jar
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Based on the hydraulic working principle, the upper hammer can achieve the upper hammer action through the movement of the cone piston in the hydraulic cylinder, and the pulling and energy storage of the drilling tool.

  • Fishing Bumper Sub
  • Brief Introduction:
  • With the help of weight and elastic contraction of drill string, the fishing bumper sub can produce strong down blow force, release fishing tool and feed in with constant pressure.

  • Closed Bumper Jar
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The closed bumper jar is suitable for the fishing operation of medium deep well and deep well, and it can produce repeated down and up shocks.