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  • API Casing
  • Brief Introduction:
  • API Casing, produced and inspected to API 5CT, is the steel pipe used to support the wall of oil and gas wells, which is to provide proper working condition of the drilling process and the operation of the well.

  • Premium Connection Casing
  • Brief Introduction:
  • All the thread connections of casing and tubing which are not specified by API 5CT are called premium connections generally. These threads are designed to achieve high properties of connections.

  • Sour Service Casing
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Sour Service Casings provide improved resistance to Sulfied Stress Corrosion Cracking through modified steel grain structure and comprehensive mechanical properties.

  • High Collapse Casing
  • Brief Introduction:
  • High Collapse (HC) Casings exhibit higher collapse pressure than what is specified by API 5CT/ISO 11960.