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  • Vacuum cleaning truck
  • Brief Introduction:
  • It congregates these fuction such as flushing,transportation,dumping and reverse discharging ,with high efficiency and safety features.This product does a good job in uncloging and unblocking city underground sewer lines and small river.

  • Semi-trailer
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Two axles fuel tank semitrailer , for the transportation of gasoline and diesel, the tank material is aluminum alloy.Also we can accept to produce different body volume and compartment according to the final client's request.

  • Semi-trailer towing vehicle
  • Brief Introduction:
  • HOWO A7 tractor truck, with 6X4 driving model. This is a Euro II emission standard and also other emission standard for option.

  • DG70 Aerial hydraulic platform fire truck
  • Brief Introduction:
  • DG70 Aerial hydraulic platform fire truck adopts the electric-controlled hydraulic drive, which makes the truck easy to operate and reliable. Mainly used in cities and high-rise building firefighting and personnel, material rescue.

  • JP18 Industrial foam tower fire truck
  • Brief Introduction:
  • 18m Industrial foam tower fire truck is a kind of advanced heavy fire extinguishing equipment, wired remote control, and played a great role in fire fighting and rescue work, warmly welcome by the firefighting department and enterprises.

  • JP60 Industrial foam tower fire truck
  • Brief Introduction:
  • JP60 Industrial foam tower fire truck is an advanced high-altitude fire fighting equipment with a working height of up to 60m. It is especially suitable for the fire fighting of large buildings such as petroleum, oil tank, warehouse, industry.