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  • Production Logging Service
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Production Logging Service can be used to monitor oilfield injection and production. Through dynamic monitoring of the reservoir exploitation process, a quantitative, precise, and dynamic reservoir model can be established.

  • Directional Well Service
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Sophisticated directional measurement equipment and instruments can be provided, along with experienced professionals skilled in directional well engineering design, accurate well bore trajectory control and provide geological parameters.

  • Mud Logging Service
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Beginning with traditional wellsite, support from highly skilled geologists and engineers, our services range from computer generation of geological and gas logs to automated data monitoring and analysis on our powerful workstation platform.

  • Well Testing Service
  • Brief Introduction:
  • By using the most advanced well testing technology and the latest equipment, we can provide well testing services and a full coverage of other downhole operation services both in open hole and cased hole.