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  • Stratigraphic Dipmeter Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • SSDT is used to detect the spatial position of formation interface in open hole wells. Based on the geometric principle of one side determined by three points,the difference of depth of the same stratum layer is measured.

  • Tension,Borehole Temperature and Mud Resistivity Sub
  • Brief Introduction:
  • TTMR provides cable head tension, current borehole temperature, and drilling fluid resistivity. The cartridge consists of a sonde assembly and an electronics section.

  • Telemetry Cartridge
  • Brief Introduction:
  • TELC collects the data of each downhole tool through CAN bus, and transmits it to the surface system by cable through encoding, modulation, DA conversion and drive.

  • Telemetry Gamma Logging Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • CTGC transmits the downhole data to the surface system. At the same time, it receives instructions from the surface system and controls the downhole tools. The gamma ray tool may measure formation gamma ray intensity .

  • Perforating Natural Gamma Ray Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • AGRT is mainly used to detect the natural gamma rays from formation radiation, and can also be used to determine casing collar position.It applies to logging depth comparison, correction and tracking of cable transmission perforation operation.

  • Continuous Inclinometer Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The pull rod potentiometer is used as the sensor in caliper measurement. The change of caliper measuring arm is converted into voltage value by a cam mechanism, and the curve of borehole change is obtained.