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  • Moveable Camping House
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The moveable camping house series include staff accommodation, offices, kitchen and dining facilities, recreation areas, shower and toilet, water and sewer, clinic and power generation.

  • Desert Vehicle
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Desert vehicles are one of the main desert transportation equipment for seismic. It can be equipped as fuel or water tank, crane, drilling rig, etc.

  • Seismic Drilling Rig
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Seismic drilling rig is used in seismic exploration, geo-technical engineering projects and water drilling.

  • Vibrator
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Vibrators are high-resolution, high-efficiency continuous vertical and horizontal ground and transverse wave exploration equipment.

  • Seismic Geophone
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Seismic Geophone is an electromechanical conversion device that converts ground vibration signals into electrical signals. It is suitable for high-resolution seismic exploration.

    Small tolerance range,wide bandwidth,high spurious frequency and low distortion.

  • Engineering Seismic Instrument
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Engineering Seismic Instrument is a lumped and portable seismic data acquisition system. It is suitable for oil and gas exploration, highway construction, railway construction, archaeological survey, etc.