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  • 44 BN USD

    Contract Value

  • 50

    Overseas Institutions

  • 110

    Exporting Countries

  • 2300

    Customer Quantity

  • 511

    Chinese Employees

  • 1100

    International Staff

Geophysical Exploration, Logging and Well Testing Equipment

Drilling and Workover Equipment

Production Equipment

Oilfield Surface Facilities

Tubular Goods

Oilfield Chemicals

General Product

Refining and Chemical Equipment

Chemical Products

Catalyst and Additive

Offshore Engineering

Epidemic Prevention Materials

CPTDC has abundant supplier resources. After years of accumulation, on the basis of more than 50,000 CNPC's suppliers, CPTDC has maintained close cooperation with more than 1,300 core high-quality suppliers, covering the supply and service of upstream and downstream oil energy equipment.


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