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On-site construction war is still in full swing, high temperature and heavy rain are just waiting ——On-site construction stepping line operation of Chad power station project



On the occasion of the "May 1st" International Labor Day, all the front-line personnel of the company's Chad Ronier Power Station expansion and reconstruction project department fought over the high temperature and heavy rain at the project construction site, worked overtime, worked hard, fully inherited the Daqing spirit, the iron man spirit, and carried forward the "speaking" The technology development culture of politics, learning, unity, service, and responsibility" interprets the profound connotation of "the most glorious labor" with practical actions, effectively guarantees the construction of key overseas projects of the group company, and realizes the on-site construction. run.

Due to the climatic characteristics of Chad, the average temperature during the construction period of the project exceeded 40℃, and the maximum temperature reached 45℃. The continuous high temperature weather had a serious impact on the construction time and efficiency. This year, the local rainy season rarely came two months earlier. The project has experienced more than 10 heavy rainstorms since the start of construction, which affected the established construction plan to a certain extent, and also increased the workload of rain prevention, drainage and dredging. The construction of a project with a tight schedule, heavy tasks and difficult construction has added more difficulties. Under this circumstance, in order to promote the progress of the project efficiently and with high quality, the front-line management team of the project department carefully organized and planned, according to the climate and temperature conditions and the actual situation of construction, scientifically and rationally formulated response plans and working time plans to ensure maximum Reduce the impact of high temperature and heavy rain on project progress. At the same time, further strengthen the communication and coordination with the owners, supervisors and other relevant parties, strive for more understanding and support, and coordinate and solve the problems and difficulties existing in the project construction in a timely manner.

During the "May 1st" period, the front-line management team of the project department adhered to their positions and went all out to accelerate the progress of the on-site construction. All work was carried out in a steady and orderly manner, and the confirmation of key construction items in the next step, buried pipelines and optical cables were efficiently completed. Key work such as laying and civil construction in the station ensured the operation of the construction site of the project, and achieved the HSSE stage target of 8,000 hours of safe labor hours, which was highly recognized by the owner. On the day of "May 1st", the front-line management team of the project department also extended condolences to all the on-site construction Chinese and foreign personnel, and commended those who have performed outstandingly in work, safety and other aspects.

In the next step, all the cadres and staff of the project department will continue to uphold the Daqing spirit, the iron man spirit, carry forward the "five stress" technology development culture, and go all out to promote the project progress with high fighting spirit and enthusiastic working state, and build key overseas projects for the group company. make due contributions.