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On-site construction war is still in full swing, high temperature and heavy rain are just waiting ——On-site construction stepping line operation of Chad power station project

On the occasion of the "May 1st" International Labor Day, all the front-line personnel of the company's Chad Ronier Power Station expansion and reconstruction project department fought over the high temperature and heavy rain at the project construction site, worked overtime, worked hard, fully inherited the Daqing spirit, the iron man spirit, and carried forward the "speaking" The technology development culture of politics, learning, unity, service, and responsibility" interprets the profound connotation of "the most glorious labor" with practical actions, effectively guarantees the construction of key overseas projects of the group company, and realizes the on-site construction. run.Due to the climatic characteristics of Chad, the average temperature during the construction period of the project exceeded 40℃, and the maximum temperature reached 45℃. The continuous high temperature weather had a serious impact on the construction time and efficiency. This year, the local rainy season rarely came two months earlier. The project has experienced more than 10 heavy rainstorms since the start of construction, which affected the established construction plan to a certain extent, and also increased the workload of rain prevention, drainage and dredging. The construction of a project with a tight schedule, heavy tasks and difficult construction has added more difficulties. Under this circumstance, in order to promote the progress of the project efficiently and with high quality, the front-line management team of the project department carefully organized and planned, according to the climate and temperature conditions and the actual situation of construction, scientifically and rationally formulated response plans and working time plans to ensure maximum Reduce the impact of high temperature and heavy rain on project progress. At the same time, further strengthen the communication and coordination with the owners, supervisors and other relevant parties, strive for more understanding and support, and coordinate and solve the problems and difficulties existing in the project construction in a timely manner.During the "May 1st" period, the front-line management team of the project department adhered to their positions and went all out to accelerate the progress of the on-site construction. All work was carried out in a steady and orderly manner, and the confirmation of key construction items in the next step, buried pipelines and optical cables were efficiently completed. Key work such as laying and civil construction in the station ensured the operation of the construction site of the project, and achieved the HSSE stage target of 8,000 hours of safe labor hours, which was highly recognized by the owner. On the day of "May 1st", the front-line management team of the project department also extended condolences to all the on-site construction Chinese and foreign personnel, and commended those who have performed outstandingly in work, safety and other aspects.In the next step, all the cadres and staff of the project department will continue to uphold the Daqing spirit, the iron man spirit, carry forward the "five stress" technology development culture, and go all out to promote the project progress with high fighting spirit and enthusiastic working state, and build key overseas projects for the group company. make due contributions.


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The logistics branch overcomes difficulties and ensures the safe arrival of the generator sets of the Chad power station project

Recently, the last cargo of the solar generator set equipment of the Chad power station project arrived at the RONIER oilfield warehouse. It took nearly 4 months from the start of the shipment of the equipment of the solar unit at the port of collection at the end of December 2021 to the arrival of the last cargo at the Chad site. In order to avoid such unfavorable factors, actively exert the logistics professional service guarantee ability and transportation resource coordination ability to ensure that all generator set equipment arrives at the site safely according to the project schedule.The shipping time coincides with the double holidays of Christmas and New Years in the United States. The shipping schedule is tight and the transportation task is heavy.Solar generator sets are the core equipment of the power station project, all produced in the United States. The factory is about 1,600 kilometers away from the port of Houston, the port of shipment. The delivery time is in late December 2021, during the Christmas and New Year holidays in the United States, and with the continued impact of the new crown epidemic, the transportation work has to face both truck drivers and port operators. In the case of serious shortage, it is necessary to face the objective conditions of scarcity of transportation resources from the United States to Africa.It is only 10 days from the time when the factory has the conditions for picking up the goods to the berth on the ship schedule. If you miss the ship schedule and time window, you may need to wait another 1-2 months to find the ship and book the space again. Under the circumstance of tight time and heavy transportation tasks, on the one hand, the logistics branch coordinated with local agents in the United States to increase the manpower allocation of the fleet and warehouse, and maximized the potential of the carrier. Buy more time for the equipment collection port. Through the joint efforts of all parties, it is finally guaranteed that all the unit equipment can be successfully loaded and shipped.Special personnel are assigned to the transit port to coordinate and supervise to ensure timely transshipment and safe loading and unloading of goods. In order to ensure the timely transfer and safe transfer of the unit equipment after arriving at the transit port of Douala, the logistics branch dispatched business backbone Wang Jingkai to the Douala port. Wang Jingkai made full use of the project logistics experience accumulated in overseas projects and strong on-site coordination and organization ability, and paid close attention to the shipping agencies, customs, banks, embassies, Ministry of Communications and transportation unions involved in customs transfer and other departments and institutions to speed up the document review process. , to improve the efficiency of customs transfer; after the equipment is unloaded, the port authority should be coordinated with the port authority to ventilate and store the goods, and measures such as padding and moisture-proof, rain-proof cloth and thatch cover to ensure the safe storage of the equipment; before the inland transportation starts, check the goods by vehicle The quality of lashing and reinforcement, the qualification and operation of transportation vehicles, and the risk management details of inland transportation are strictly implemented.The whole process is escorted by a special person and a special vehicle to ensure the safety of transportation.The generator set equipment has a total of 31 pieces of bulk cargo and 18 containers, loaded with 32 vehicles, and shipped in 5 fleets. Each fleet is equipped with 2 escort vehicles and vehicle maintenance personnel. The escort vehicle is responsible for surveying and transporting road safety, controlling the speed of the vehicle, and carrying some vehicle maintenance accessories, and monitoring the transport safety 24 hours a day. Through strict supervision and detailed management of all logistics links, the 2,000-kilometer inland transshipment from Douala Port to the RONIER site in Chad is guaranteed to be safe and timely.At present, the domestic materials of the Chad power station project have gradually reached the state of collection and delivery. The staff of the power station project working team of the logistics branch closely cooperated with the schedule of the project department to overcome the difficulties caused by the closure of Shanghai Port and epidemic control in major domestic ports, such as frequent changes in shipping schedules and serious shortage of port workers. Review the packaging and port collection plans of various manufacturers, coordinate and organize all-round transportation resources, and make every effort to ensure the smooth delivery and safe delivery of materials for the Chad power station project through professional and efficient logistics planning capabilities.


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East Africa pressurization renovation project achieves mechanical completion on schedule

Thunder struck, everything rejuvenated, and the company's East Africa booster renovation project was in full swing. After a whole year of hard work, the company officially obtained the project mechanical completion certificate signed by the owner on March 10, 2022.Since the project was launched in March last year, the project department has actively changed the traditional project operation thinking


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Entering the international high-end market---Summary of the successful completion and handover of the African pressurization transformation project of CPTDC

On May 9, Gao Jinwei, Manager of the Africa Booster Transformation Project Department of China Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CPTDC), told reporters with joy: "The Africa Booster Transformation Project was completed and handed over nearly a month ahead of schedule, which greatly improved the local natural gas processing plant. The output has greatly alleviated the shortage of local power generation and gas consumption, and effectively guaranteed the needs of the local society and people's livelihood. This is another example of CPTDC's global marketing advantages to drive China's petroleum equipment and services to go out. We have successfully completed the company's account. The task!" At present, the completion and after-sales service of the project are also in full swing.The customer of the African pressurization renovation project is a British company. The construction site is located on a remote island in Africa. Business negotiations have been conducted since the beginning of 2020.In the early stage of the project negotiation, when the new crown epidemic broke out, the project team overcame the unfavorable factors, established an effective communication channel with the customer through video conference in Beijing, and actively organized the "cloud negotiation". Due to the time difference, for the convenience of British customers, negotiations usually start in the afternoon and end at 12 midnight. In order to maximize our legitimate interests, the project team held a meeting immediately after each negotiation to summarize the key points of the day's negotiation, study the FIDIC terms assiduously, and find a countermeasure.The fierce confrontation between the two sides lasted for more than 3 months. After 3 main framework changes, 16 rounds of key node sorting, more than 40 negotiations and as many as 892 text revisions, the bright stars witnessed the team members encourage each other, work together, and overcome difficulties. hard every day.All the energy accumulated in the silence will usher in the most splendid bloom. The project team has made unremitting efforts to convert the customer's personalized contract version into the standard FIDIC version, which makes the terms more fair and resolves the unfavorable situation for the contractor. , to maximize the relevant rights and interests. In the face of a wave of unresolved new crown epidemics, how to ensure the project duration has become the biggest problem. CPTDC gives full play to the advantages of communication and coordination, and from the perspective of the customer, pushes the customer to sign the design start letter, start the project design in advance, and negotiate while designing.CPTDC organizes the project design unit Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. Southwest Branch and the core supplier Jichai Power Co., Ltd. Chengdu Compressor Branch, relying on the advantages of design and product specialization, benchmarking against international brands, and focusing on key parameters and delivery that customers care about. Regarding key indicators such as cycle time and maintenance costs, we have completed dozens of rounds of customer inquiries and responses, submitted hundreds of pages of cross-examination materials and after-sales solutions, with the service concept of "pursuing 361-degree customer satisfaction" and the successful performance of CPTDC in the local market. Successfully promoted customers to accept the domestic compressor supporting scheme.The raging epidemic can't stop the striving and persevering pace of the technical staff.There are many logistics and transportation links for the project materials. From the factory to the final landing on the island, it has undergone at least 10 loading and unloading operations and has undergone multiple transshipment processes by truck, sea and barge. The local terminal facilities are simple, the port operation efficiency is low, and the transportation is extremely difficult.CPTDC gives full play to the professional advantages of logistics management, specially organizes and formulates the plan for barge transportation to the island, and according to the principle of "one barge, one plan", comprehensively considers and calculates all aspects of barge ship type, cargo handling, cargo stowage, hoisting operation, etc. and demonstration to ensure the feasibility of the plan and the safety of the goods on the island. Due to the impact of the epidemic, shipping resources are in short supply, and the shipping schedule has been delayed many times. CPTDC actively communicated and coordinated with local taxation, customs and other departments to maximize the efficiency of customs clearance and transfer. All the staff of the project team went deep into the specific work, promoted the implementation together with the workers during the day, and organized discussions with the team leader in the evening to reflect on the deficiencies of the work during the day, check and fill the gaps, optimize the work process, and improve the quality and efficiency of the work. After working hard day and night, the project was finally completed ahead of schedule on March 23, 2022.During the entire project operation period, the new coronavirus pneumonia virus mutated many times, and the epidemic situation continued to spread and repeat. The project team formulated the project epidemic prevention and control plan and emergency plan in strict accordance with the relevant work requirements of the group company and the West African company HSSE, and implemented strict grid management to achieve The goal of "zero infection" ensures the smooth implementation of the project. CPTDC actively deepens its relationship with the local community, employs as many local villagers as possible, appropriately raises wages, and conducts appropriate donations to the local area, creating social welfare for the local area, expanding its influence and credibility, and winning the support of local communities and villagers. Project understanding and support.Since its establishment, CPTDC has always shouldered the important mission of serving and guaranteeing the overseas oil and gas production of the group company and driving the export of equipment manufacturing products in the system. In the African pressurization renovation project, CPTDC gave full play to the comprehensive integration advantages of the group company and its own advantages in marketing network, market development, business negotiation, logistics and transportation, comprehensive services, etc. For the first time, the high-power RTY1864 combustion-driven compressor unit for petroleum equipment manufacturing went abroad in accordance with international standards and norms, and entered the high-end market in Europe and the United States.In the new journey, CPTDC will continue to vigorously promote the spirit of petroleum and the spirit of Daqing Iron Man, work hard and move forward bravely, constantly create new achievements in the vast market in Africa and even the world, and anchor the construction of world-class energy equipment and energy. The goal of a comprehensive product service provider is to make unremitting efforts to make technical contributions to the group company's construction of a world-class comprehensive international energy company with a long-lasting foundation!


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