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The logistics branch overcomes difficulties and ensures the safe arrival of the generator sets of the Chad power station project



Recently, the last cargo of the solar generator set equipment of the Chad power station project arrived at the RONIER oilfield warehouse. It took nearly 4 months from the start of the shipment of the equipment of the solar unit at the port of collection at the end of December 2021 to the arrival of the last cargo at the Chad site. In order to avoid such unfavorable factors, actively exert the logistics professional service guarantee ability and transportation resource coordination ability to ensure that all generator set equipment arrives at the site safely according to the project schedule.

The shipping time coincides with the double holidays of Christmas and New Years in the United States. The shipping schedule is tight and the transportation task is heavy.

Solar generator sets are the core equipment of the power station project, all produced in the United States. The factory is about 1,600 kilometers away from the port of Houston, the port of shipment. The delivery time is in late December 2021, during the Christmas and New Year holidays in the United States, and with the continued impact of the new crown epidemic, the transportation work has to face both truck drivers and port operators. In the case of serious shortage, it is necessary to face the objective conditions of scarcity of transportation resources from the United States to Africa.

It is only 10 days from the time when the factory has the conditions for picking up the goods to the berth on the ship schedule. If you miss the ship schedule and time window, you may need to wait another 1-2 months to find the ship and book the space again. Under the circumstance of tight time and heavy transportation tasks, on the one hand, the logistics branch coordinated with local agents in the United States to increase the manpower allocation of the fleet and warehouse, and maximized the potential of the carrier. Buy more time for the equipment collection port. Through the joint efforts of all parties, it is finally guaranteed that all the unit equipment can be successfully loaded and shipped.

Special personnel are assigned to the transit port to coordinate and supervise to ensure timely transshipment and safe loading and unloading of goods.

 In order to ensure the timely transfer and safe transfer of the unit equipment after arriving at the transit port of Douala, the logistics branch dispatched business backbone Wang Jingkai to the Douala port. Wang Jingkai made full use of the project logistics experience accumulated in overseas projects and strong on-site coordination and organization ability, and paid close attention to the shipping agencies, customs, banks, embassies, Ministry of Communications and transportation unions involved in customs transfer and other departments and institutions to speed up the document review process. , to improve the efficiency of customs transfer; after the equipment is unloaded, the port authority should be coordinated with the port authority to ventilate and store the goods, and measures such as padding and moisture-proof, rain-proof cloth and thatch cover to ensure the safe storage of the equipment; before the inland transportation starts, check the goods by vehicle The quality of lashing and reinforcement, the qualification and operation of transportation vehicles, and the risk management details of inland transportation are strictly implemented.

The whole process is escorted by a special person and a special vehicle to ensure the safety of transportation.

The generator set equipment has a total of 31 pieces of bulk cargo and 18 containers, loaded with 32 vehicles, and shipped in 5 fleets. Each fleet is equipped with 2 escort vehicles and vehicle maintenance personnel. The escort vehicle is responsible for surveying and transporting road safety, controlling the speed of the vehicle, and carrying some vehicle maintenance accessories, and monitoring the transport safety 24 hours a day. Through strict supervision and detailed management of all logistics links, the 2,000-kilometer inland transshipment from Douala Port to the RONIER site in Chad is guaranteed to be safe and timely.

At present, the domestic materials of the Chad power station project have gradually reached the state of collection and delivery. The staff of the power station project working team of the logistics branch closely cooperated with the schedule of the project department to overcome the difficulties caused by the closure of Shanghai Port and epidemic control in major domestic ports, such as frequent changes in shipping schedules and serious shortage of port workers. Review the packaging and port collection plans of various manufacturers, coordinate and organize all-round transportation resources, and make every effort to ensure the smooth delivery and safe delivery of materials for the Chad power station project through professional and efficient logistics planning capabilities.