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  • Gas Generator set (240-7690kW)
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Products can be used for natural gas electricity generating ,equipped with gas power units and replace diesel drilling rigs,large gas power station,common use/standby power,biogas power station,drive large equipment etc.

  • HSEE Emergency Diesel Generator set (15-50kW)
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The HSEE emergency diesel generator set is an emergency power system developed and manufactured to meet HSE requirements for operations.

  • Other Diesel Generator set (100-500kW)
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Each index has reached the advanced level in China and can replace the imported units in this application field.

  • metering skid
  • Brief Introduction:
  • The Metering Skid is used for trade metering in the metering station of long-distance natural gas transmission pipeline.

  • cyclone natural gas separator
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Cyclone separator is used to separate solid particles or droplets in gas by centrifugal separation principle to achieve the purpose of gas purification. It is generally used for primary gas filtration.

  • filter separator
  • Brief Introduction:
  • With a scale-tolerant high-precision fiber filter element, the filter separator can separate fine particle impurities and liquid particles in gas and realize high-precision purification of gas.