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  • C/O Spectrum Logging Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • C/O Spectrum Logging Tool have a far and a near detector. The far detector can detect the formation physical parameters, while the near detector can eliminate the borehole impact.

  • Neutron Lifetime Logging Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Neutron Lifetime Logging Tool can be used to measure the average decay time of thermal neutrons in the formation, the average time of the thermal neutron, and obtain the macroscopic capture cross section of the thermal neutron.

  • Downhole Television Logging Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Downhole Television Logging Tool consists of three parts: slip-on centralizer, electronic sub and ultrasonic sonde assembly. It can be used to scan around the borehole 360°in echo mode to obtain borehole wall acoustic amplitude and time image.

  • Temperature Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Temperature Tool has the function of detecting temperature of injection profile. Temperature Tool adopts point log mode. Its sensor uses a special resistance probe which has a very rapid response time.

  • Fluid Density Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Fluid Density Tool is mainly used in production profile of production well in actual logging process.

  • Water Holdup Tool
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Water holdup tool detects water holdup by capacitance method. When the proportion of oil-water mixture passes through capacitive sensor changes, the equivalent capacitance of capacitive sensor will change, so as to sense the change of water holdup.