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Location:  Duty-free Warehouse in Tianjin Port

Condition: Unused, Well-packed in perfect condition, Warrant expired

Price: Call for price

Contact Email: wt@cptdc.cnpc.com.cn


Top Drive

Model: NOV TDS-11SA

The system package mainly consists of:

n  1 TDS-11SA Drilling Unit - 500 Ton Rated

n  1 Electrical package

n  1 Hydraulic package

n  1 Carriage package

n  1 PH-75 pipe handler package-NC50, H2S,350T(with two saver sub, one for 3-1/2”, one for5”DP )

n  1 counter balance package

n  1 Motor Housing Guard Package

n  1 S-Pipe Package –RH front,7500psi,4’’

n  1 Bail Package

n  1 Shipping  Package

n  1 Lubrication Kit

n  1 PH-75 Tool Kit

n  1 Control House Assembly

n  1 Driller Console, UL, Purgeable

n  1 Purge Kit for Driller Console, Z-Purge

n  1 Service Loop Kit, 777MCM

n  1 Derrick Leg Cable Kit, 777MCM

n  1 VDC Cable

n  1 Derrick Termination Kit, Portable Installation

n  1 Grounding Rod, Electrical

n  1 Guide Beam Kit

n  1 Lower Tieback Kit

n  1 Intermediate Guide Beam Tieback Kit

n  1 Owner's Manuals(English)

TDS-11SA Drilling Unit - 500 Ton Rated

n  The drilling unit comes complete with the following equipment pre-assembled: motor housing, onboard hydraulic power unit, roller-style carriage, bail, pipe handler (PH-75), integral swivel with gooseneck and 7500 psi "S-Pipe" assembly, and the shipping/storage skid.

n  The unit comes equipped with a 7500 psi S-Pipe.  This allows the end user to configure the unit to the well needs by selecting either a 5000 psi or 7500 psi Wash Pipe option.

n  The TDS-11SA drilling unit features two forced air cooled 400HP AC drilling motors (800 HP Total), a 10.5:1 double reduction helical quiet gear drive, hydraulic disc brakes, rotating head, bail, and counterbalance with stand jump.

TDS-11SA Output Characteristics

Torque, ft-lbf

Torque, N-m















n  The on-board pipe handler (PH-75) is complete with 500 ton rated link adapter assembly, remote operated dual crank upper IBOP safety valve, manual operated lower IBOP safety valve, lower gripping jaw, link tilt assembly. The pipe handler will be dressed for tool joint size specified by Customer.

n   The PH-75 offers mechanized break-out of lower and upper IBOP valves, heavy-duty rotating head motor for more consistent operation, accommodation for tool joints up to 8-1/2 inch OD.



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