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SAWL Line Pipe

SAWL Line Pipe


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Longitudinal Seam Submerged Arc Welded (SAWL) pipes

At present, pipe mills have possessed advanced technologies and equipments in manufacture, inspection and testing of line pipe and some products have reached the world class, such as large OD line pipe, high grade line pipe and sour service line pipe.



Oil and gas transportation pipeline

Water and other fluid pipeline

Mineral slurry pipeline



High precision in size and shape

Appropriate carbon content

Excellent weldability

Excellent comprehensive mechanical properties

High impact toughness at low temperature



API Spec 5L   Specification for Line Pipe

ISO 3183   Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries-   Steel Pipe for Pipeline Transportation Systems

DIN 17172   Steel Pipes for Pipe Lines for the Transport of Combustible Fluids and Gases

ГOCT 20295   Technical Conditions of Welded Pipe for Oil and Gas Pipeline

Other related specifications and standards


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