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Complete Sets of Equipment

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  Name Specification
XJ150 Workover Rig 150 hp
XJ250 Workover Rig 250 hp
XJ350 Workover Rig 350 hp
XJ450 Workover Rig 450 hp
XJ550 Workover Rig 550 hp
XJ650 Workover Rig 650 hp
XJ750 Workover Rig 750 hp
ZJ120DB 12000m VFD Drilling Rig
ZJ40D 4000m SCR Drilling Rig
ZJ40DB 4000m VFD Drilling Rig
ZJ50D 5000m SCR Drilling Rig
ZJ50DB 5000m VFD Drilling Rig
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